In 1955, after learning that more children die of accidental causes than of all the communicable diseases combined, H.R. Wilkinson, a Jackson, Michigan business executive, began visiting police agencies and schools to explore ideas for mitigating this tragedy.

Wilkinson and his wife, Glennis, borrowed $500 from a friend and began their effort to reduce, through prevention education, the number of children dying from accidents. Their nonprofit organization, originally named Police Safety Service, was soon changed to Child Safety Council and then National Child Safety Council (NCSC).

NCSC, still maintains its headquarters in Jackson, is the world's largest and oldest nonprofit organization dedicated entirely to the safety of children. Employees and its headquarters provide 300+ different pieces of informational material about child safety, drug abuse prevention, and locating missing children.

Approximately 6,000 public safety agencies in more than 40 states use the materials to serve more than 16 million children annually, assisted by NCSC's network of over 50 safety counselors. NCSC is the only child safety organization with safety counselors working to support public safety agencies and schools nationwide in their educational efforts.

Also unique is NCSC's in-house Research and Development Department which provides the most extensive resource of safety education materials in the world. Its experienced educators, artists, writers, and technicians create hundreds of original NCSC books, games, live entertainment, assembly materials, audiotapes, bookcovers, stickers, and other educational materials.

As a 501(c)(3) federal and state exempt nonprofit charitable organization, NCSC is supported exclusively by donations. Over 150,000 businesses support NCSC materials, and the organization enjoys a contributor renewal rate of over 95%.

In the 1970s, NCSC pioneered efforts to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse at a time when few organizations were commited to such initatives. In 1984, NCSC again took the lead in efforts to help locate missing and abducted children by establishing its Missing Children Milk Carton Program. NCSC also spearheaded nationwide efforts to fingerprint children. Other highly successful NCSC materials include Race Against Drugs® (a partnership in drug education by American Motorsports and the FBI) and Kid Safe® (a hospital educational program).

NCSC's nationally recognized character, Safetypup®, serves as an entertaining, nonthreatening educational tool for law enforcement officers and teachers across the United States.